star_ocean_fan (star_ocean_fan) wrote in eternalsphere,

Request for Halloween

Here it is, the 20th of October, and that means Halloween is just eleven days away!! Starting on the 24th (this upcoming Wednesday), I'll be counting down the days until Halloween, but I need help from my fellow Star Ocean fans! I'm seeking the following:

I'm seeking Halloween themed Star Ocean artwork, photography, and fanfiction to celebrate the holiday. Figures next to Halloween decorations, characters in costumes, and people dressed in cosplay with Halloween decorations in the mix are definitely welcome. Fanfiction should be kept to drabbles, short stories, and vignettes. Chaptered fiction will be accepted ONLY if the story is completed. I've failed to mention but everything should be kept at the PG-13 level. No nudity at all, and sexual situations MUST BE IMPLIED. I will not accept anything with explicit material. All games are welcome!

All submissions can be emailed to me at, and your help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
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