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Tears (First Departure - Millie/Roddick)

Title: Tears

Characters: Millie/Roddick

Rating: Mature/Adult

Disclaimers: I do not own anyone/anything from the forum Star Ocean. Square Soft/Enix owns Star Ocean and its characters. There is no copyright infringement intended. I do not make any profit/money or take any credit.

Summary: He hated it whenever she cried

A/N: Prompt for September 1st – Millie/Roddick – Tears – 'He would do anything to stop her crying, or at least turn her tears of sadness to something else.'

Timeline: First Departure: After Durss

Word Count: 878

Betaed: Nope


He hated it whenever she cried. Seeing the usual bright pink eyes dull and filling with tears would make his heart clench. It didn't seem right for a girl so bright to be crying. She was like sunshine when she was happy, she had a bounce in her steps and a bright smile. People would warm to her instantly because of her warm happy nature.

To see her sad was like having a black cloud over her, blurring the future and making all prospect bleak, filled with nothing but heartache and sadness. He had always tried his best to cheer her up when she was sad, just to see that smile on her face once more.

He had told himself, when they were younger, that he would do anything to stop her crying, or at least turn her tears of sadness into something else. Usually tears of happiness made it better.

They were currently hidden away in the dark alley after receiving the news of a small village had been destroyed because they refused to stand by and let a man, who believed he was God, take over their world and destroy everything they knew. That was the first and last warning.

Millie had bolted it from the room the moment the screen went dark, devastated that countless of innocent people had just lost their lives for nothing. Roddick had gone after her when Ronyx assured him that he had everything under control. The look on everyone faces told Roddick that they were all struck dumb at the news of destruction.

Roddick had found Millie sobbing in the corner of the alley. He walked over to her and she launched herself at him, throwing her arms around his shoulders. His arms just stayed where they were, still in shock over what they had witnessed.

"Why?" Millie sobbed as she brought her arms down, her left fist pounding into his breast plate before she lifted her face to meet Roddick's light blue eyes filled with sorrow. "Why would he destroy an innocent village? The girl…with the snowmen…" she trailed off as she burst into fresh tears.

Roddick swallowed painfully as he remembered the small girl who had looked up at him with a pleading expression, asking him to help her build snowmen so her snowman wouldn't be lonely. Millie had laughed as she joined in the fun and the look of pride that adorned the two girls' faces when they finished making the snowmen.

The thought that they wouldn't get to see that little girl again was heart-breaking. She leaned against him and he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in as he buried his face into her hair.

Soon her sobs turned to sniffles as she slowly wore herself out from crying. She pulled away from Roddick slightly, lifting red rimmed eyes up to meet his. She still had tear tracks on her cheeks and Roddick felt the impulse to kiss her.

He lowered his face, pressing his lips against hers. She sighed underneath, wrapping an arm around his shoulder as she pressed up on tip-toes, wanting more of the kiss. Her lips tasted salty with tears as they both lost themselves in the kiss.

Somehow, he still doesn't know how, they reached his room and were removing each other clothes before they reached skin and caressed each other. He maneuverer them so the back of her knees were pressed against the bed. He lowered her down, following her.

There was a twinge of pain when he entered her but she pushed it to the side, focusing on the pleasure he wanted to bring her.

He greedily listened for her whispers and moan, kissing her softly when her hips started rising to meet his downwards ones. Their lips met each other in a kiss as her hands caressed his back, feeling the soft skin and toned muscles underneath.

He was resting his weight on one hand that was next to her head while his other hand roamed her side before sliding up her thigh and he shifted it, pulling it open wider so he could get deeper.

They broke the kiss and stared into each other eyes when the pleasure heightened. Roddick started thrusting deeper and harder, eager to feel more of her. Her eyes fluttered whenever a wave of pleasure crashed over her, threatening to pull her under when she suddenly arched her hips, her nails digging into his back as her lips parted in a soundless gasp and he groaned, burying his face into her neck as he released himself into her. He slumped down against her soft warm body and she tightened her grasp around him, holding him close.

They stayed like that for a little while until Roddick regained his strength where he rolled off her and they shifted so her back was pressed up against his chest, his right arm slung over her waist, holding her close, their tails found each other under the cover and entwined together.

"We'll stop him," Roddick promised before he pressed a kiss to her shoulder. Millie gave a short nod before she followed him into a deep sleep, unaware of what the future held but they knew they would face it together. They had to.

The End

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