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Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR!

Mutual Climax, Star Ocean 2 fic

Fandom: Star Ocean 2
Type: Fanfiction
Word Count: 537
Characters: Dr. Lantis/Gabriel
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean 2
Summary: So, what does one do when neither one is a top?
Notes: Pre-game, and proved far more difficult than previously thought. I guess it's easier to write fics that don't have a minimum or fics where an idea is crystal clear.

Both Gabriels revealed themselves as bottoms. Neither one of them liked to penetrate anyone unless someone asked them to do so. When asked about it, they generally had the same answers, and they ranged from simple preference to an odd fear of entrapment. When together, sometimes one would ask to the other to "enter", but it took what felt like forever for either one to ask. Then again, both of them always took sexual things slowly. They prided themselves on not being like Lucifer or many other Nedians who demanded short foreplays.

Both Gabriels functioned on sexual routine, rituals, and even some compulsions. Everything had to be clean, even the bed sheets. They always made sure to have towels and wash cloths nearby. For them, cleanliness was next to divinity. Fragrance of some sort always had to fill the room. Anything that resembled televisions, communicators, phones, and even computers got turned off and stayed off until they were finished with 'bed time'. For tonight, sandalwood filled the air as they lied close to each other, staring into each other's eyes, saying nothing because they never spoke unless necessary. They chose not to use any candles because the full moon provided more than enough light for their purposes.

They both started with the shoulders, mirroring each other's movements like they always have ever since their relationship turned more and more romantic. They watched their own hands glide over soft skin before gently kneading firm muscle. They smiled at each other, never once looking away while they travel down to each other's nipples, quietly giggling over swift fingertips. Beyond that, they remained silent even when their hands reached very sensitive rear ends.

Finally, their genitals touched each other and did little more than gasp with each thrusting motion. They and those who engaged in this activity called it "sword fighting". Not that either Gabriel cared since the act always felt like the universe cried out to them. They took it slow at first, letting their penises touch each other before heightened nerves and hardness demanded more speed. They held each other tightly, warm breath caressing bare skin while they continued to grind against each other. They grasped each other's long hair with each penile stroke. They grunted softly against each other's mouths.

Both Gabriels often lost track of time during their erotic activities and tonight proved no exception. They kept track only of the sweat glistening between them, the feel of their wet members, and the bliss that they knew would arrive shortly. Nothing mattered to them now save for each other and their feelings.

Finally, Gabriel the Younger, the Indalecio of the two came first, spilling on the good Doctor, but continuing to thrust, grasping at Dr. Lantis' black hair. When Gabriel the Elder finally came, they fell against the pillows breathing deeply, letting their mutual climax pass through them. They eventually reached for towels to wipe each other off, never liking the idea of sleeping on liquid seed. Sometimes, they'd take a shower after their night of naughtiness, but not tonight. The full moon practically commanded them to go to sleep after letting the towels fall to the floor. Tonight, they slept in each other's arms like they always did.
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