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Possession, Star Ocean 2 fic

Fandom: Star Ocean 2
Type: Fanfiction
Word Count: 832
Characters: Gabriel/Lucifer
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean 2
Summary: Gabriel stakes his “claim” on someone he has long desired.
Notes: Pre-game, but happens soon after the Sorcery Globe lands on Expel. In this particular fic, it’ll be following “Second Evolution” or rather, Gabriel is not split in two, so to speak. If you’ve read the Secret Files, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The first piece of dialogue was blatantly taken from “Testement” by VNV Nation. Was supposed to be more explicit, but I found that it wouldn't have worked in this fic. Oh well.

What Lucifer loved most about his chambers was the simple fact that a large segment consisted of sliding doors and a large balcony. He made it a point to keep the doors open at all times, letting the cool wind blow through the thin white curtains. Lucifer did not fear anyone trying to get through the so-called vulnerable area. In fact, he hoped that someone would try because he felt a lot of boredom in the now ruined city known as “Eluria”.

Lucifer kept his room dark tonight, giving his room an almost ethereal glow as the moonlit air poured through the curtains. He didn’t know or care who once inhabited his room, but Lucifer knew that given the high-end decorations, it had to have been someone of wealth. He smirked when he realized that it didn’t matter because whoever inhabited this tower is surely dead or hiding in the “El” forests.

He slowly, deliberately passed through the curtains. Lucifer had to give some credit to the underdeveloped planet, it looked beautiful with its lush greenery and aquamarine oceans sparkling under a heavily starlit sky. He didn’t compare it to Nede. He couldn’t and didn’t want to even though he could. He thought only of conquest. That is, until he heard bootsteps echoing behind him.

Lucifer didn’t have to ask who would dare enter his chambers without permission because he already knew the answer. He didn’t turn. Instead, he kept his hands on the cool balcony, letting the wind caress him while he surveyed the land before him.

“We bring destruction. We bring war without an end. We’ve come to paradise only to burn it to the ground. We build a future to honor pasts we’ve left behind.” Gabriel spoke softly, but carried a huge amount of power. He stood close to Lucifer, his breath a gentle whisper against silver hair. “Lucifer, My Morning Star, I have come to stake my claim upon you.”

Lucifer’s sharp blue eyes widened, but he remained silent. He couldn’t imagine anyone else even thinking of such words, much less saying them, but his heart didn’t beat any faster when Gabriel finally uttered them. Nothing surprised the younger Wise Man anymore, if anything ever did. Lucifer knew that such a ‘claim’ wouldn’t be a question of if, but when. He felt a gloved hand on his shoulder. This time, his heart skipped a beat, and when he felt that same hand tighten, he slowly turned, almost losing his breath when he stared into Gabriel’s piercing green eyes.

The Nedians described Dr. Lan--Gabriel as “divinely beautiful” or “one descended from angels”, and though Lucifer had been pegged as the most beautiful of the Ten Wise Men, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth a little every time he found himself around the Elder Wise Man. Thanks to the planned crash landing on Expel, ‘everytime’ translated into very often, and Lucifer had no doubt that Gabriel made certain of it.

“Long have I desired you,” Gabriel continued, his lips brushing against Lucifer’s cheek. "Lucifer...” He pulled away, only to cup his hand on Lucifer’s chin. “You are mine... you who glow with an unearthly beauty.”

Lucifer looked away, wanting very much to stake a claim of his own: /I belong to no one/. However, he knew better than to say such things and he hoped that his thoughts didn't show through his body language. He remained silent.

"None shall have you save for me." Gabriel slowly parted Lucifer's black robes. "I alone am sufficient for you. I alone am worthy of you."

The way he said those words set Lucifer's teeth on edge. Gabriel spoke with an unbelievable amount of certainty. Everything he uttered wasn't opinion, but fact. Yet, the silk felt good against Lucifer's chest. Gabriel's body felt supple, strong, and warm against the cool night air. His red hair mingled with Lucifer's; he smelt of powdered musk. Lucifer felt himself weaken as he put his hand on the book Gabriel held to his chest.

"Will you not be with me tonight?" Gabriel asked gently. "Will you not know me as I wish to know you?"

This time, Lucifer looked directly into Gabriel's eyes. He pressed his lips together when the Elder Nedian ran his fingers across a nipple. Lucifer heard insects chirping from far below the tower. Or were they Expelian? Neither one mattered to him now as his gaze remained fixed on Gabriel's eyes that shined like the sun upon summer leaves.

"Will you not be with me?" The Wise Men leader repeated, his tone quiet but with a steely undercurrent. "Will you not enter me?" His lips brushed against Lucifer's. "Will you not be with me until everything ends?"

Lucifer returned the kiss before pulling away. "I am no fool."


Gabriel looked briefly at the night sky before taking Lucifer by the arm and leading him back into the dark room.
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