Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR! (jurhael) wrote in eternalsphere,
Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR!

Fandom: Star Ocean 2
Type: Fanfiction
Word Count: 532
Characters: Dr. Lantis
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean 2
Summary: After a night's work, Dr. Lantis liked to go on a drive.
Notes: VERY pre-game and if you don't know who Dr. Lantis is in the game, it's best not to read this fic at all. If you do know, then I hope you like it since there is very little out there featuring him.

Though certain things changed, the ritual remained the same. When a "day" of any project, Wise Men or not ended, Dr. Gabriel Lantis got into his white car, and drove himself wherever he pleased as fast as he pleased. He seldom drove straight home. Where's the fun in that? No, he drove as long as the roads of Phynal could take him while listening to pretty electronic music. He sometimes wondered what his car looked like from afar or from outer space, and often found himself imagining sparks of electricity. He knew his own "style" well enough for such analogy to fit. He had seen enough artful highway photographs to have a basic idea of what his "spark" looked like.

To his dear daughter Philia, he drove like a madman on wheels. He smirked when he recalled her mentioning it to her friends. He never once tried to deny it. He even bragged about it every once in a while and quietly laughed when he recalled the looks on other people's faces. He noted that her comments never seemed to stop her from discreetly watching him drive whenever she was his passenger. To his second protegé', Lucifer Cyril, he drove with a decent amount of skill and always seemed know what he was doing behind the wheel. Dr. Lantis considered those comments great compliments since Lucifer himself proved to be a "precision everything" when it came to vehicles. To his "Divine Creation", "Double Image", and first protegé', Gabriel Indalecio, Dr. Lantis exuded pure sex. The good scientist blushed as the memory raced through his mind as fast as his car in high gear.

He seldom rode on a Synard like many Nedians did, and he only used a teleporter when he absolutely had to. He had not used an automatic car in ages, and had never used a computerized one. Dr. Lantis preferred cars that he completely controlled. He loved the feel of them, the sound of them, and the knowledge that he could use whatever gear he wished. He often found himself smiling when he felt that tell-tale "ping" between his legs as he accelerated past everything and nothing. Beyond that, he made sure to stay in control when his hand slowly moved up his leg and between his thighs. The engine under his feet only accentuated the pleasurable sensations, but he always kept his eyes on the highway when he came.

Dr. Lantis wouldn't dream of doing such a thing in front of his daughter. Hell, she could have been in the trunk and he still wouldn't have considered gliding his hand anywhere near his "special spot". His two favorite "Wise Men", however, were welcome guests when he felt the urge to spill rising.

For tonight, he was alone, and that was the most frequent scenario since even the gods didn't stay up past midnight. He didn't resist the tug between his legs, and when he finally felt spent, he drove to a cliff that overlooked the moonlit sea between Phynal and L'Aqua. Dr. Lantis knew that he'd have to go home soon, but until then, he did nothing more than smoke a cigarette while contemplating his future.
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