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Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR!

More than just the usual

Fandom: Star Ocean 2
Type: Fanfiction
Word Count: 550
Characters: Gabriel/Lucifer
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean 2
Summary: Gabriel loves to look at the sky in Fienal/Phynal. Lucifer, however, likes to do other things.
Notes: VERY pre-game.

"Shame is an unhappy emotion invented by Pietists in order to exploit the human race."

BLAKE EDWARDS, Victor/Victoria

Shame, to Lucifer, was an awful emotion invented by self-righteous tyrants to exploit others. Therefore, he felt no such thing, and certainly wasn't about to start now. He watched his longtime companion, Gabriel, look intently at the sky. Lucifer sighed, not knowing whether to look at the few clouds in the otherwise clear sky or at those who wandered around Phynal Park. Whatever he chose, he knew that he would eventually fall into an emotion far worse than anything he ever felt: boredom.

Boredom, to Lucifer, was a little death of the soul, and he didn't feel like dying today or any day. He stood next to Gabriel under the large tree, a smirk adorning his angelic face.

"Aren't you bored, Gabriel?"


Lucifer sighed, not surprised. "Why not?"

"Is there something the matter, dear Lucifer?"

"No, no," Lucifer shook his head. "Everything's fine."

Gabriel narrowed his green eyes. "I know you, Lucifer, and let me guess, you are bored."

Lucifer grinned. "Oh! You got me." Gabriel indeed knew him all too well. "I merely hoped that we would be doing more than just the usual, my dear." He stood in front of his best friend and lover. He knew that others would be watching what he had in mind, but so what? Let them watch. Lucifer held Gabriel against the tree, palming the tender area between his legs.

"Lucifer! We--"

"What?" The silver-haired youth chuckled. "Let me guess, we are in front of other people, right? Don't worry. I won't take your clothes off." He began to stroke, listening intently to Gabriel's sharp intake of breath. "There we go." He let his breath trickle down his lover's neck before adding a few, simple pecks on his cheek and down his neck. "I know what you're thinking. Others are watching, right? So what?"

Lucifer didn't bother to look around the park. He knew and simply didn't care. Most Nedians wouldn't think of even holding hands in public, much less this. Shame had a lot to do with keeping certain things hidden. He almost felt sorry for them. For now, he had only eyes for his lover, who did little more than grab his neck.

"Don't tell me you're embarrassed, darling Gabriel," Lucifer whispered. "I thought I cured you of shame."

"You have not," the redhead managed to reply before losing his words to quick, sudden gasps. He embraced Lucifer as if holding on for dear life. "Lucifer..."

"Are you okay, Gabriel?"

The older best friend leaned against the tree trunk, ignoring the leaves that fell around him. "I cured myself of shame long ago." His red hair fell over his face when he looked down. "It is not about shame, my Morning Star. It never was. Unlike you, I have never seen the need to broadcast my...antics to everyone around me. I--" He let himself trail off.

Lucifer nodded. "Yes, true, very true." His icy blue eyes glittered. "But, wasn't this more fun? I know what everyone's thinking, what they're saying. They want us, but will never get anywhere near us. I love lording that over others knowing full well that I know no shame while they'll always be controlled by it."

"Believe me, Lucifer, I know." Gabriel looked up at the sky, helplessly smiling at an eye shaped cloud. "I know."
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