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I return with another PA transcript!

As usual, text does not do justice to how the dialogue sounds, believe me.

Requirements: Must have Welch in your party. I also have three emblems, and Cyuss in my party, which is important for a choice you make partway through. In a FAQ I read, it says that Ronyx and Ilia come in, not Cyuss, so he's not a required element; on another playthrough, I'll get Welch and not Cyuss, and record the difference in dialogue for you all. Takes place in Tropp.

Format notes: For the emotes, I'm going to put them in (parentheses), and actions/exposition will be in italics. My own notes will be bolded. Also, since there's a crowd, assume (correctly) that there are multiple "Youth"s and "Young Lady"s.

Tropp. Roddick heads up into the main plaza to find a crowd of people gathered around Welch by the fountain.

Welch: Step right up, folks, step right up and marvel at my fabulous wares!

Roddick: (''')

Welch: Here is my latest product for everyone! It's Welch Brand's very own love potion! Guaranteed to snare that special someone!

Youth: (!) Ooooohh!

Young Lady: (big sweatdrop) This looks really suspicious.

Youth: (musical note) No it doesn't! It's... it's the dream of every young man in the nation!

Young Lady: Oh really? Every young man in the nation must be pretty desperate, then.

Welch: (musical note) For one day only, I'm bringing you this love potion at a price that can't be beat!

Youth: How much is it, lady?

The screen begins shaking, and big exclamation points appear above everyone's heads.

Welch: I hope you're ready for this... all of this for only one Fol!

Youth: Wow!

Young Lady: (big sweatdrop) Come on. This is getting seriously suspicious now.

Youth: Yeah... I'm not so sure about that price either.

Welch: (sweatdrops)

Young Lady: (''') Why don't you drink it? Show us how it works!

Welch: (sweatdrop) Ooh... uh, I don't...

Youth: Yeah, drink it!

Welch: (scribbles) Mmm, what to do...

A choice comes up: "I got a bad feeling about this..." and "I should watch a little longer..."

>Choose "I got a bad feeling about this..."

Roddick: (big sweatdrop) ... I better get out of here. She's gonna make me drink that if she sees me.

Roddick leaves, and Cyuss enters. Welch spots him.

Welch: (''') Ooh, Cyuss! What perfect timing!

Cyuss: (''') Mm? What? ... Oh, you givin' that to me? Nice! I was just gettin' thirsty, actually.

Cyuss walks over, and we fade out. Fade in to Roddick, walking down the stairs to the entrance of the town.

Roddick: (...)

If you walk back up, Cyuss is on his knees in front of the fountain.

Cyuss: I don't remember a thing about what happened...

Roddick: (big sweatdrop)

That's how it could've happened. But how about this? Choose "I should watch a little longer..."

Roddick walks up. Welch spots him.

Welch: (''') Ooh, Roddick! What perfect timing!

Roddick: Ulp!

Welch walks over.

Welch: Whadaya mean, "ulp"!? C'mon, you aren't doing anything right now! Drink this love potion for me!

Roddick: Why do I have to drink that crazy stuff!? No, N-O, no way!

Welch: (angry dust-cloud) What's the matter, boy? My potion not good enough for you!?

Roddick: (sweatdrops) Well, who the heck would buy a one-Fol love potion!? Nobody, that's who!

Welch: I priced it for the sake of all the forlorn lovers in the world! Man, you really don't trust me, do you?

Roddick: It's not that. I'm just saying that I don't want to drink it.

Welch: You hate me, don't you, Roddick!? You're always so cold to me!

Roddick: (scribbles) Oh, all right, all right! Just stop crying! I'll drink it if it'll make you feel better!

Welch: (musical note) There you go! This would've been much easier if you had just said yes from the get-go.

Roddick: (big sweatdrop)

Roddick follows Welch over, back into the center of the crowd.

Welch: Gather 'round, everybody! This young guy is a total bust with the girls... but just one swig of this potion, and he'll be a changed man!

Young Lady: (''') Oooh!

Roddick: (big sweatdrop) *Sigh* Well, I guess it won't kill me. Here goes nothing!

Roddick drinks the potion. It... does not go down well.

Roddick: *Gulp gulp gulp* Gahhh! This tastes horrible!

Roddick: (sweatdrops) Urrrp... What's this stuff made of...?

Welch: (...) ...

Roddick: (angry dust-cloud) Ugh! I've just about had it with this... Welch.

His tone completely changes when he says her name, and his sprite turns pink as he walks closer to Welch, who sweatdrops.

Roddick: ... Why have I never noticed this before?

Welch: (''')

Roddick: Welch... My heart is full of untamed love for your soul.

Youth: (!) Oh ho ho!

Youth: (musical note) Whoa!

Young Lady: (sweatdrops) It really works!

Welch: Heh... uh... You see that, everybody? My love potion works instantly! It's absolutely the real deal!

Roddick moves closer to Welch, whose face turns red.

Roddick: Ahh... such a charming girl you are!

Welch: (heart) Oooh! You do go on, don't you? Please, not while everyone's watching!

Roddick's sprite begins to turn blue during the next line.

Roddick: I... I want to... I... I... I, iiiiiiiiiiiiii... Brrrrrrecccchhhh.

Crowd: (''')

Welch: (!) Aaaaaagggghh!

Crowd: (...)

Youth: Wow... That stuff must taste horrible.

Youth: Ugh... The girls would hate me even more if I drank that.

Youth: Yeah, you're right.

Everyone walks away, and Roddick - still blue - collapses.

Welch: (big sweatdrop) Hmm... Guess taste is more important than I thought. I think I'll make a strawberry flavor next time.

Welch gathers up her bottles and leaves. Fade out...

"An hour later..."

Roddick gets up and looks around.

Roddick: (sweatdrops) (scribbles) Ugh... where... where am I? Welch had me do something, and... I don't remember anything afterwards...
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